New album! Just released!

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The Humours of Autorickshaw, the 4th album from twice Juno-nominated world music ensemble Autorickshaw, released into the wild on November 10th, 2013.

After what has literally been years of talking, dreaming, deciding, tracking, editing, re-tracking, arguing, mixing and re-mixing, keeping and discarding, shuffling and shifting, ebbing and flowing, starting and stopping, and finally pushing through, into the world comes Autorickshaw’s fourth studio effort.

Autorickshaw seamlessly weaves together North and South Indian Classical music with a host of contemporary genres: rock, funk, jazz, European Art music – even punk and reggae. With this fourth album, “The Humours of Autorickshaw” (masterminded by producer Andrew Craig), vocalist Suba Sankaran and tabla player Ed Hanley sit at the centre of an extraordinary musical kaleidoscope – one encompassing the diverse talents of a host of Canadian music titans (bassist Rich Brown, drummer Larnell Lewis, guitarists Justin Abedin, Kevin Breit, and Adrian Eccleston, violinist and Indian fiddler Jaron Freeman-Fox, bass singer Art Mullin, accordionist Gordon Sheard, master drummer Trichy Sankaran, dilruba player George Koller, percussionist Patrick Graham, mix engineer Dylan Bell, and producer, arranger & multi-instrumentalist Andrew Craig).

We hope this album humours you, in the best way possible.