“…a fascinating hybrid” -Zeitgeist and Co, UK

“Seriously talented musicians who weave a tapestry of musical traditions into a unique and inspiring sonic alchemy. Absolutely beautiful.” -Dave O’Rama, CHLY FM

“a highly cultivated juxtaposition of authentic traditions…” -Stephen Preece, The Record

“utterly unique and musically pioneering”. -Daniel Ariaratnam, The Record

“a high-quality concert full of originality, verve and energy “- The Hindu, Bangalore, India

“Toronto’s Autorickshaw is one of those groups beloved by Queen East hipsters, CBC producers and Canada Council types. But behind all the multi-culti hype and global village platitudes lie some serious musical chops. Like the subcontinental taxi that is their namesake, the group takes audiences on a sometimes bumpy but always exhilarating musical journey, twisting and turning through Indian classical forms, straight-ahead jazz, Bollywood pop and downtown club beats. Autorickshaw has played jazz, folk and world music festivals from Vancouver to Stockholm, and their live performances have gained a reputation for soulful intensity. Sankaran has a sensuous, supple voice…her sense of phrasing, expression and tone are immaculate…” -Natasha Gauthier, The Ottawa Citizen

“This is committed musicking and record-making of a very high calibre. It deserves a wide audience.” -Andrew Timar, The Wholenote