This is North-South-East-West fusion at its best! Autorickshaw creates a kaleidoscope of styles and genres from ancient to modern, collaborating with some of the world’s finest artists, all made in Canada. From Indian classical to vintage Bollywood, jazz to electronica, folk to Indo-jazz originals, these collaborations are a groundbreaking creation that brings together centuries of classical music traditions from east and west, and north and south India.
Accessible to all ages, building bridges, breaking borders and filling in cultural gaps, these collaborations could only come from the diversity that is Canada.

Autorickshaw: Strings Attached – an east-west musical masala that explores the exotic melodies and rhythms of India united with the endless possibilities of western harmony through this collaboration with Autorickshaw and string quartet. Repertory includes Canadian folk, south Indian traditional and original music and Bollywood hits.

Autorickshaw: Bollywood and Beyond – a cross-cultural collaboration drawing from both eastern and western brass traditions, this show features Autorickshaw with brass septet. Repertory includes vintage Bollywood hits, traditional Indian songs, and Bollywood-tinged jazz standards.

Autorickshaw: Global Voices – Explore Indian vocal intricacies and rhythms, fused with contemporary North American influences, with this Autorickshaw-meets-choir that creates a unique choral and concert experience. Arrangements for choir include traditional south and north Indian repertoire, jazz standards and world-influenced music.

Bollywood Rewind: 70s Bollywood extravaganza!

Autorickshaw School Concert Programs: Combining the education component that Autorickshaw offers along with performance, Autorickshaw can create a program of music with children of any/all ages, and perform with the children at their school concerts, assemblies, music camps, etc..

*Please note that Autorickshaw can tailor their diverse musical repertory to suit any occasion or event.

Autorickshaw with strings and horns:

with string quartet:

with choir: