Concert: November 9th at Small World Music Centre: Bhopal Special Edition

Autorickshaw Trio at Small World Music Centre, Bhopal Special Edition

Small World Music Centre
180 Shaw Street, Studio 101
Toronto, ON M6J 2W5

Doors 7:30, show 8pm
Tickets $20


Autorickshaw Trio, in partnership with SmallWorld Music, Amnesty International and The International Campaign for Justice in Bhopal, play a special fundraising concert at the SmallWorld Music Centre on the eve of their India tour.

On December 3rd, 1984, the Union Carbide pesticide plant in Bhopal, India accidentally released over 40 tons of toxic methyl isocyanate gas, exposing hundreds of thousands of people, especially in the community immediately surrounding the factory. The best, accepted estimates say that 8,000-10,000 people died within the first 72 hours of the leak. It is estimated that 20,000 have died since the accident from gas-related diseases, and another 120,000 people are estimated to have permanent injuries and chronic medical conditions that require constant healthcare. The Bhopal Disaster is widely considered the worst industrial disaster in history.

Autorickshaw will be performing in Bhopal on December 3rd, 2014, the 30th anniversary of the disaster. The tour continues across India and Nepal, from Kathmandu to Chennai, Kolkata to Mumbai, until February 1st, 2015.

This concert will feature vocalist Suba Sankaran, tabla player Ed Hanley and bassist Dylan Bell playing new arrangements created for the India tour, including a trio version of City of Lakes, fundraising song for the Bhopal Medical Appeal.

City of Lakes versions, pay-what-you-want, all proceeds to Bhopal Medical Appeal

City of Lakes music video, from The Humours of Autorickshaw: 

City of Lakes, early versions with Ed Hanley’s photos of Bhopal:

Bhopal survivor/activist Sanjay Verma telling his story:


Autorickshaw’s music lies on the cultural cutting edge, as contemporary jazz, funk and folk easily rub shoulders with the classical and popular music of India. Formed in 2003, Autorickshaw is one of the most intriguing acts on the world music and jazz landscapes, garnering 2004 and 2007 JUNO nominations for World Music Album of the Year.

“The ensemble consists of Canada’s most exciting and musically interesting musicians…and when their forces are combined, the results are utterly unique and musically pioneering”. -Daniel Ariaratnam, The Record

Autorickshaw has toured extensively across Canada, the US, UK, Europe and India at folk, world and jazz festivals, soft seat theatres and through self-produced concerts. Autorickshaw will be embarking on their second tour of India in December 2014.

Autorickshaw has independently released 3 self-produced CDs. So The Journey Goes and Four Higher, both produced by Ed Hanley and Suba Sankaran, were nominated for JUNO Awards for World Music Album of the Year respectively. Autorickshaw released their 4th CD, “The Humours of Autorickshaw” in November 2013, co-produced by Andrew Craig. Driving and danceable, the new CD includes sensual reinterpretations of Indian folk songs, groove-driven Canadian pop, vintage Bollywood, and hypnotic south Asian traditional selections with a twist.